۳۶۰degree advertising

Surely you have seen a product advertisements of a company many times in different places and in different forms; Such as banners all over pedestrian stairs, GIF on sites, margins of various social network pages, and even TV commercials. To this type of advertising where a single message is displayed through all possible channels; is called 360-degree advertising or 360-degree campaign. In this page, in addition to the complete introduction of this type of campaigns, we intend to introduce our services in the field of 360-degree marketing. So stay with us until the end to get acquainted with all launches of 360 degree campaigns…

تبلیغات 360 درجه در شیراز

Using the right platforms in a 360-degree advertising campaign will make the message and brand message of your business more lasting and memorable in the audience memory and a single message of the brand will be formed in the minds of the audience.

What is 360-Degree Marketing?

۳۶۰-degree marketing is a fully integrated advertising campaign that uses all available tools and facilities to convey a specific message and injects a targeted message to customers and audiences by adding a sense of creativity and innovation. A 360-degree advertising campaign is too important for most businesses, especially start-ups businesses. Because many audiences and customers search your brand on the Internet and virtual networks to know your function and approach.

In 360-degree marketing, it does not matter where the audience is, we find the audience and convey our message to them. The 360-degree advertising campaign uses all media, including social networks, television, mobile, and so on. The most important point in a 360-degree marketing campaign is to select and convey the desired message to the target audience, for this purpose, active and experienced teams in the field of 360-degree advertising campaign should always be used. A successful team like the Binahayat Digital Marketing Team.

What are the reasons for using a 360-degree advertising campaign?

The most important thing in using a 360-degree marketing campaign is to increase your ROI. The integrity of the 360-degree advertising campaign, in addition to increasing brand credibility and branding, increases the effectiveness of sales and gaining and attracting new customers and even reconnecting with old customers.

Here are three reasons to use a 360-degree marketing campaign:

۱٫ Brand awareness and brand changes

Introducing the brand and engraving it in the minds of the audience is one of the main duties of a 360-degree advertising campaign. Also, sometimes by making changes in the brand structure and preventing the audience and customers from being misled, it is necessary to re-introduce the brand using a 360-degree advertising campaign.

۲٫ Introduce performance improvement of a product

Sometimes it is necessary to re-introduce a product to regain the trust of the audience and customers. A 360-degree marketing campaign is the best way to attract public attention to a particular product.

۳٫ Communicating with old customers

Brands and new products are often forgotten in the memory of old customers, especially in businesses that do not spend much on advertising. With a 360-degree advertising campaign, it is easy to regain the trust of old customers and see them attract to the new brands and products again.

تبلیغات 360 درجه در شیراز

A 360-degree advertising campaign revitalizes a product or a brand.

Different methods and strategies in 360-degree advertising campaign

The tools which used in the 360 ​​degree campaign are so diverse and sometimes so creative that it can easily grab the attention of any audience. Tools that are increasing in number and types day by day. But the most important aim in using these tools in a 360-degree advertising campaign is to take advantage of the maximum rate of ROI. Some of these tools are:

  • Site
  • Content or blog production
  • Social Networks
  • Click Advertising
  • e-mail marketing
  • Application
  • Magazines and brochures
  • Video

۹۴% of online visits start with search engine optimization. Having a website is a necessity for any business.

The more media and tools used, the more feedback we will surely see. But why and how to choose and use tools is all up to the experience and analysis of data related to your business, and these tasks can only be done by a team of experts and experienced in the field of 360-degree marketing. A team like the Binahayat Digital Marketing team that has repeatedly successes in a 360-degree advertising campaign.

Important points about 360-degree marketing:

  • When there is a new product to offer or you want to replace it with an older product, a 360-degree advertising campaign should be used.
  • The message that is to be sent to the audience through 360-degree advertisements should be designed and implemented in accordance with the target market, the taste of the community, the audience’s vision, the place and space of the advertisement, and so on.
  • Graphic and visual coordination of the 360-degree advertising campaign with the initial design of the product should be established in all stages and advertising areas.

Why do we need a think tank for a 360-degree advertising campaign?

In order to maintain the audience satisfaction and customer loyalty, high accuracy and focus is required in designing the target message. To understand this message, several questions must be answered. Some of these questions include:

  • What do customers think about our brand?
  • What are customers interested in?
  • What is the purpose of the audience by visiting our site?
  • What are our mistakes of our work?
  • What is the main demand of our customers?
  • what are today’s audience needs?

To analyze these questions, you need a think tank and a team of experts in the field of 360-degree marketing campaign. Now it is time to introduce one of the best Iranian teams in 360-degree advertising. Binahayat digital marketing team has always been a pioneer in the field of 360-degree advertising in Iran by employing the best experts in this field. Our greatest honors is Customer satisfaction with the rate of return on investment in all kinds of digital marketing campaigns in Binahayat Marketing team.

Binahayateam has always designed and utilized the creativity of its unique team to receive the highest and best feedback for its customers. The work that has turned many customers into loyal customers by working with our team.

You also can be one of our loyal customers. Just take the first step. And receive our firm and effective supports.

Designing and implementing a 360-degree advertising campaign for your business by the Binahayat Digital Marketing team will be an unforgettable miracle in your business.

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