Industrial Photography

You have probably heard that you can increase your sales many times by industrial and advertising photography and creating unique images. Yes, that`s true and you can use this method to prosper your business, both in the digital world and in face-to-face sales. With the advent of digital marketing and the internet business environment, the importance of using photos with high quality has multiplied and many businesses have achieved new successes with this method. In fact, with industrial photography, your products, or rather, your brand is better seen and more lasting in the minds. Join the Binahayat Photography Team for more information…


Industrial photography means capturing attractive images of your products, services and organization as your brand deserves.

The role of industrial photography in marketing

Commercial photography is an important part of advertising, business and branding. Industrial photography is part of a well-known business success process and has a great impact on product branding, brand personality, brand stability, market expansion, customer growth, creating new markets and retaining existing customers and is one of the most important and successful parts of Binahayateam Advertising Agency and it is run under the supervision of a professional and educated team.

Industrial photography aims are to introduce the benefits of a product or service and is a powerful media tool to increase sales of goods or services.

Industrial photography of products is in fact a true picture of the nature and features of the product.

Industrial photos are a bridge between manufacturers and buyers and its purpose is to inform customers about the features and benefits of the product.

The difference between industrial and advertising photography

Most people think industrial photography and advertising are the same, but this is not so. In industrial photography, the photographer captures the image of the achievements, services and products of a person, store or organization without magnification or change in the subject matter, but in advertising photography, unlike the first model, the photographer tries to illustrate a product by magnifying highlighting it and with its creative ideas, it will cause more sales of the product. Food photography is one of the most popular types of photography. The following is a sample of photographers taken by the Binahayat Photography Team.

Another type of advertising photography is fashion photography, which enters the field of aesthetics and includes clothing styles, clothing, and a variety of accessories. This type of photography uses special lenses called telephoto.

Binahayateam photography services

At Binahayateam Digital Marketing Agency, we accept requests for a variety of industrial, advertising, fashion, and portrait photography models for branding staff, using a professional and experienced team, as well as suitable facilities such as professional cameras, specialized lenses and flashes.

To do industrial photography, after viewing our sample photos on the site of the Binahayateam Advertising Agency, it is enough to contact us and explane about the type of project and the photos you need.

We will send you a proposal containing technical information, work schedule and cost of industrial and advertising photography by reviewing the project and estimating the feasibility of photography.

Our photography team will be at your service with the best tools and equipment for industrial photography and will cover all details and points.

 The number of taken photos will be several times more than the numbers you need, which after finishing the work, you will select the desired photos among them and they will be finally send for editing and correcting light and color, by photography and graphic experts in Binahayat Studio.

To order advertising or industrial photography services in Shiraz, contactour experts right now or contact us via the form below.