Making teasers and promotional videos

Teasers and promotional videos are the most popular and most visited type of content in the world. This type of content, due to its fast communication with the audience, is able to convey your brand message with the utmost delicacy so that it is in the center of people’s attention and stays in the minds because it adopts with their tastes. Creating this type of content for advertising and marketing requires special creativity and techniques. For the duration of the teaser, you have the chance to tell the best story in the language of the brand that will keep the audience interested and curious. In the following, we will introduce this type of marketing and finally we will introduce our teaser and promotional video production services in Shiraz. Join the Binahayat Marketing Team…


Types of teasers and promotional videos

There are different types of advertising teasers. Videos with real images, motion graphics, teaser narration, stop motion and animation are some examples of teasers that you can use in marketing. Choosing of the type of teaser depends on the purpose, because the production of a teaser in each of the mentioned methods has a special message and meaning. The ultimate goal is to increase your brand awareness and ultimately increase your sales with these creative tools.

Real pictures

The needed images to make this type of promotional video are recorded at the desired location. In the next step, the captured videos are reviewed and the best parts are selected and edited by the relevant expert. Finally, by making the sound and adding music, logo, subtitles and anything else that the customer requests, the work of making the teaser will complete.

Motion graphics

In this method, according to the prepared scenario, graphic images are prepared by the design team. In the next step, the graphic images and their characters are animated and the final images are voiced. In motion graphics based on the written scenario, you can also use animated text and the voice of the speaker. In creating motion graphics, we always use elements such as surprise, humor, visual beauty, conveying the message in simple language, as well as variety so that the audience can enjoy watching the teasers.

Narration Teaser

Narration Teaser is a type of teaser and promotional video that can be made from a variety of videos available on the Internet. Of course, it is possible to use real videos of your business or even combine it with internet images. After the related videos to the scenario and the subject matter have been found, the editor puts these images together in the correct order so that the text read by the speaker is placed on the image and has a logical and narrative rhythm. We take the utmost care and attention to produce images of this type of promotional videos so that the audience both receives and understands the information given by watching the result of the work and have a good feeling while watching the teaser.


Stop Motion

Stop Motion is one of the oldest methods of making movies with non-living characters. Any type of object, or any type of image can be used to create stop motion. To make a stop motion, we need several photos of a subject, especially in different situations. After capturing each moment of the subject in a separate photo, by putting these photos together, we create a video in which the subject can be seen moving. Making stop motion is a very sensitive and specialized job. This technique can be used to capture any idea. The creative way for making this type of teaser will never disappoint you. Stop Motion is even a film genre and has a lot of  fans around the world. A teaser or a promotional video that uses the stop-motion technique to make it, even if it is 100% commercial in nature, is still attractive and interesting to the viewer.


Animation was made earlier than any other moving image in the world. It is said that the first man-made animation was on a cylindrical earthenware vessel made in ancient Iran. On this pottery, the role of a goat is drawn in different positions, and by turning this pottery, of course, at the desired speed, you can see the goat on the dish running. After the advent of cinema, major film companies turned to this method to make many of the world’s most popular films. Animation is actually the animation of analog or digital images that are captured in a separate scene every moment of their movement. These images are then put together in the correct order. The video that shows this movement is called animation. Animation is fun in nature, so it is one of the best tools for branding and advertising. Put these features alongside the immense creativity that can be used in animation to realize the magical power of this method of advertising more.

The fit of teasers and promotional videos with the viewing platform

Making any teaser or promotional video requires a strategy first and foremost. First you need to know the media in which your teaser is going to be published. We produce the right teaser with a thorough knowledge of the existing contexts that are the scene of your brand story. We prepare your brand message with the best appearance and the best tone in the form of a teaser and expose it in our suitable context. Our main goal in preparing any teaser is to viralize it on the Internet and cyberspace.

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