Content marketing

Content marketing is a topic that is heard a lot these days. This type of marketing may not lead to direct sales, but instead builds trust and confidence in the brand name in the audience and will ultimately increase your sales. In other words, in this method of marketing, the brand communicates directly with its audience. In the following, you will get acquainted with this type of marketing and content marketing services in Shiraz. Join the Infinite Marketing Team

خدمات بازاریابی محتوایی در شیراز

If you do a Google search for “content marketing”, you will see millions of results, you can read each of them you like. Although the meaning of this phrase or in fact “selling technique” is not necessarily complicated, it is usually difficult for those who have never used it and do not “believe” in it to understand the process. When we say that a brand, a store or a seller uses content marketing techniques, we mean that they are a type of content that can be in various forms such as image, text, audio, video or a combination of all or several of these forms, and they produce and distribute it to potential interested parties or, in fact, their target market. In recent years, the use of the Internet and social networks has grown significantly around the world. The unprecedented popularity of the online platform has made the best platforms for content marketing available to businesses. In such situation, if businesses do not adapt to the digital world or do not start using these platforms and continue to insist on using traditional sales methods, sooner or later they will be victim to the new lifestyle and collective interest of people in cyberspace.

What is the goal of businesses in using content marketing?

  1. Attract attention to introduce the product or service and create interest in the potential customer
  2. Slightly expand the target market
  3. Establish and increase online sales
  4. Increase brand awareness (increase the number of people who know about your brand)
  5. Creating a sense of trust and validity towards the brand in the minds of the community and the customer
  6. Connect with active users of the Internet and social networks (which includes a large number of people)

The magic of content marketing

The magic of this marketing method is the success of discovering a large number of audiences and providing valuable and useful content to these people. This technique allows businesses to build brand loyalty in the hearts of their audiences consistently. Also, by publishing new, useful and valuable content, it is possible to create a desire in the heart of the consumer to follow the brand’s products or services in the future. This method of marketing may not lead to direct sales, but instead builds trust and assurance in the brand name in the minds of the audience. In other words, in this method of marketing, the brand communicates directly with its audience.

Comparison:   In traditional style marketing; The brand speaks for the audience But In content marketing; The brand speaks to its audience
بازاریابی محتوا

The key to the undisputed impact of content marketing is that it takes into account the audience’s need and request for new information and content and focuses on the audience’s tastes, not the old marketing method of selling a new product. Awaken the feeling of need in the audience.

The key to success in content marketing is for the brand to provide valuable content to the audience so that the audience can return something valuable in return. This is what we mean to Binahayateam customers; Instead of producing a mere commercial, be a deserve show yourself, instead of ordering a banner, be the main focus of the story. Content marketing requires the distribution of a large amount of content continuously, which is introduced to the audience in an envelope of the sales strategy.

Imagine that the target community is a dry desert that we at Binahayateam Advertising Agency can plant fertile, lush, and ready-to-cultivate land with rain of content.

The main focus in content marketing

The only thing that you should never forget in order for content marketing to give you the desired result is your focus should be on the needs and desires of your customer or target market. To achieve this, we first determine the current needs of your brand customers. Then, with the help of analysis tools, measure the audience’s reaction and the desired information in various forms such as news, video, e-book, infographic, email, newsletter, podcast, question and answer, statistical information and data, article, photo, blog , A guide (a guide can be any type of content that describes how to use, purchase, or solve a problem that the audience is challenged with) or any other type of content we provide to the audience.

The importance of continuing content distribution in content marketing

Content marketing is a type of production and supply process management that uses digital channels and the Internet trying to identify, anticipate and respond to the needs of the target audience. It is necessary to know that in order to create a favorable effect on the process and the extent of the audience’s reaction, the content must be provided continuously and regularly. The good news is that you do not have to worry about this at all, the infinitely strong team will be with you. We do not allow the slightest disruption to the production and dissemination of the content you need.

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