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If you are looking for a big and fast jump in site traffic and increasing the number of your business customers at a relatively reasonable cost, you have visited the best page across the internet. Google Ads is one of the most important advertising sites on the web. Here we are going to explain the benefits of using Google ads as well as the efficient methods of advertising in Google ads to achieve the best results and the highest return.

خدمات گوگل ادز در شیراز

(Google Ads) Google Ads is the fastest way to reach a great number of customers

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s advertising system. Google Ads is one of the best and most effective advertising methods on the web. By using Google advertising features, you can easily be ranked first in Google in searches related to your keywords. Google ads can also help you boost your SEO.

What is Google AdWords?

In this method, which is the most common method of advertising in the Google advertising system, the advertiser enters his phrase or keyword into the Google advertising system. If a searcher searches for the same phrase or word in a Google search, the advertiser’s site will be displayed on the first page of Google for the same person. In this method, the cost of advertising will be such that each key on the advertising link will reduce the amount of charge of the Google Ads account of the advertiser.

Millions of businesses do their advertising work only through the Google advertising system

What is Google Ads Auction for?

Selecting and registering the keyword of your choice in your Google AdWords account will give Google the authority to bid on your auction. In this auction, the highest bid or cost per key (Maximum Bid) and Quality Score of the advertiser’s advertisements play the most important roles in winning the auction. These auctions are selected and held by Google users based on keywords or phrases searched.

How do keywords affect ad performance?

To put it simply, keywords are the most important part of investing in your Google advertising system. Choosing these words and phrases to make your ad better seen and your ad high return is of great value. Only experts in this field can choose the best keywords and phrases for high efficiency in a short time and at a reasonable cost. What we dare to say is one of the many specialties and skills of our Binahayat group.


Google Ads is the shortest possible route to be seen among the fiercest competitors in your business.

Now that we have a brief overview of the major definitions of the Google ad system, perhaps the question that has been on your mind is how useful and effective Google Ads is?

First of all, it would be helpful to state the most important benefits of using Google’s advertising system:

  • And in the shortest time and at a low cost, being ranked first in Google
  • Help improve SEO
  • Display your business site ad on the first page of Google at no cost
  • The shortest way to get to the first page of Google

Only if all the Google ad settings are properly selected and adjusted by an advertising team with extensive Google ad experience can you see the extremely effective performance of this type of ad. Settings such as:

  • Keywords and phrases appropriate to your business
  • Set and select the best cost for advertising
  • Proper adjustment to attract the desired users
  • Write attractive content to attract customers
  • Appropriate and correct referral of users to the desired page
  • Appropriate policy to increase site traffic

We acknowledge that by relying on the skills of our experienced and professional experts, by providing the best Google advertising service, we will double the efficiency of your business advertising on Google Ads, and it has long been proven that this is not a slogan for our Binahayat group. We have proven to our loyal customers many times that being infinite (Binahayat) means always being number one among all the tough competitors.

Advertising on Google Ads or Google Advertising System

In the first step to use and advertise in Google Ads system, you must learn the correct and complete method of using Google advertising system. After completing the training and learning of the Google advertising system, you can create an AdWords account to advertise in the Google or Google Ads advertising system. Keep in your mind that using Google ads requires overcoming a series of barriers such as recharging your Google AdWords account, not having enough time to learn, not having a good opportunity to manage your account, not winning the price tag of the advertised keyword, and so on. But there is an easier and, of course, more accurate way to take advantage of Google’s advertising system, and that is to delegate all steps to our Binahayat team. One of our greatest honors is the support of our customers from the very beginning to the final stage of all our services. Customers who, from the beginning of their business till their success, always choose us as the first and last option to use the Google advertising system.

Binahayat team, is your spacecraft to take you to the first page of Google

برای سفارش خدمات دیجیتال مارکتینگ در شیراز، همین حالا با کارشناسان ما در بی نهایت تماس بگیرید و یا از طریق فرم زیر با ما در ارتباط باشید.


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