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Email marketing is one of the lesser known advertising tools in Iran. The power of email marketing is in creating two-way interaction with customers, which increases customer loyalty, continuous and upward sales growth and high return on investment. In fact, email marketing is one of the best branding tools that your business can use correctly and in principle; Or rather, it will transform your sales. In this page, while fully explaining email marketing and its various benefits, we intend to introduce the services of the Binahayat Team as a provider of email marketing services in Shiraz. So join us to the end of the path of recognizing email marketing…

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What is Email Marketing?

Many people believe that email marketing is no different from email advertising and both have the same application. But it must be said that email marketing covers a wider world. A world that, if you enter it professionally and correctly, will turn your business to success and sell your products.

In 2019, approximately $ 350 billion was spent on email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Sending promotional and commercial emails to a number of predefined audiences in order to strengthen business relationships with old customers or attract new customers is called email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most reasonable communication and advertising methods on the web. The content of these types of emails usually includes a wide range of communication such as: promotional emails, discounts, attractive and seasonal offers, educational and practical content, and so on.

Email marketing is also one of the best tools for branding. The capabilities of the email marketing system are so high that sometimes due to lack of awareness and proper knowledge, not all of its capabilities can be used. Therefore, referring to the teams that have sufficient expertise and skills in the field of email marketing, can help you to achieve your short-term and long-term goals. A group like Binahayat Digital Marketing Group.

What is the difference between email advertising and email marketing?

In email advertising, as the name implies, the purpose is to send a pre-defined advertising message to a large number of people.

But email marketing is basically establishing a long-term, two-way relationship with customers who are eager for that relationship. So it is very clear that this relationship will be established only if the customer is satisfied, and as long as this satisfaction and desire remains, this relationship will always be established. In email marketing, the content which exchanged with customers is more than an advertisement. In general, the goal in email marketing is to establish a deep and efficient relationship with the audience. The content of the sent emails is of great importance in satisfying the customers. Therefore, we suggest to all businesses to benefit from the email marketing system, refer to the teams with high experience in email marketing.


۵۶% of digital marketing companies claim that email and using email marketing is the best way to increase your ROI

Does our business need email marketing?

This is a question for many people who are not fully aware of the new advertising methods or do not know much about the direct effects of email marketing on their business. In general, email marketing plays a very important role in any business to attract new customers, introduce the product, communicate with old customers. After all, email marketing is the best option for businesses that cannot afford high cost customer acquisition and is arguably the first option. Of course, it can only be claimed that email marketing will have a high uptake rate if you have a fully professional email marketing team. A team that has taken its customers’ business from zero to infinity.

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What are the benefits of using email marketing?

The benefits of email marketing go far beyond trying to exclude email marketing from our business advertising tools. Especially if we know that using email marketing, on average, one out of every 38 people becomes a customer. Some of these benefits are:

ROI or Return on Investment

The issue of return on investment is one of the most important issues for any business to start advertising. Every business expects to offset the cost of advertising by spending a certain amount of money on average by attracting customers and selling the product through the same ads. According to Litmus research, the average email marketing return rate is 38: 1, which indicates that this advertising system is cost-effective. Of course, this rate of return will only occur if email marketing is started and managed in a professional and fully advanced manner. That means taking advantage of the experiences of email marketing professionals like our experienced team of Binahayat team Marketing Agency.

High speed and cost-effectiveness

Email marketing has a high rate of customer acquisition than its low cost. The immediate effect of this system is determined when you send a limited time in the content of e-mail to customers for an auction or sale of your product. This advertising tool is implemented on your business by a group of experts in the field of advertising. The positive answer will surely surprise you. Like most Binahayat team customers who never believed they would see such a positive leap in their business so quickly.

Email Customization

Email marketing and taking advantage of an experienced group in this way can allow you to professionally personalize emails with whatever is needed by your business and even attracting your customers. In email marketing, because your relationship with customers is completely two-way, the audience and customers have the opportunity to choose what kind of email with what type of content to receive from you. This is where having a professional team in the management of your email marketing is necessary. A team that can produce the best content for customers.

Two-thirds of the world’s population would like to be notified by email of discount auctions and festivals and special offers via email.

Ability to analyze and study the behaviors of the audience

In email marketing, it is easy to be aware of the audience behavior. Having an experienced team in the field of email marketing, you can easily find out which email your audience has opened or which links they have clicked on. This is where we recommend Binahayat team again. A team that has not lost the satisfaction of any of its customers since the beginning.

Fast and direct transmission of your main message

The turning point of using email marketing to communicate with old and even new customers is the ability to send your target message directly to the same audience. Using professional, friendly business content can even get your customers waiting for your email and reading it right away. Providing relevant content related to your business is one of the most important specialized features of our Binahayat team. Content that always surprises even its Binahayat team customers.

In general, email marketing can only be effective for your business if it is implemented and managed professionally. The Binahayat team has always been admired by its customers by providing the best email marketing services and taking advantage of the most up-to-date 2020 strategies and having highly skilled and experienced experts in the field of email marketing. Customers who have always witnessed the growth of their business and increase their customers from the beginning of their cooperation with Binahayat team until today, and are taking greater steps every day to expand their cooperation with the Binahayat Digital Marketing team. Steps that are all a source of honor and pride for the Binahayat digital marketing team.

According to research, from 500 digital marketing companies around the world, for every dollar spent on email marketing, $ 44 is returned to the owners of the same business.


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