Graphic design and printing

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name of an advertising studio is graphic design and printing. In fact, graphics are the root of an advertising studio, and other marketing tools and methods are based on that. It may seem that just having a taste is enough to have a good graphic, but familiarity with the psychology of colors, knowing the color spectrum and its application, and the experience of advertising work are very important. Join us to get acquainted with graphic design and printing of Binahayat team design services


خدمات گرافیک و چاپ در شیراز

Graphic design has a high power to create a deep relationship with the audience and gives a different look to your business and can easily convey the type of taste and level of professionalism in your business to the audience and cause the customer to trust you.

The importance of graphic design proves that the obvious reason for increasing sales is gaining customer trust and branding and conveying the produced content in a more appropriate way.

The most important functions of the graphics department in Binahayateam Studio

Graphic design in the company or work collections

Graphics in a company is the visual identity of that company and the collection. Such as logo design, business card design, office set design and so on.

This type of design and graphics play an important role in your branding.

Marketing and Advertisement

One of the most well-known roles in graphic design is marketing and advertising. Graphics in social media, graphics in magazine ads, billboards, brochures and graphics in content marketing are examples of this type of graphic design that is widely used.

Environmental graphic design

This type of graphic designs the visual identity of public places such as parks, exhibitions, subways, universities, etc. and establishes a deep connection with the majority of people.

Packaging Design

The packaging of each product and commodity has a direct impact on its sales and is one of the important factors in product branding.

Motion design

Graphics are important and fundamental factors of animation, teasers, video games, programs, GIFs, websites and etc.

Web Design

Web design is not a type of graphic design, but graphic design is one of the basic elements of web design.

Graphics on the web are designed to create a friendly user and pleasing design, and include a variety of design elements such as image design, typography, and more.

Digital design

Graphics are a very important and valuable tool in digital marketing, the weakness or elimination of which will have a very serious impact on the work process.


گرافیک و چاپ در شیراز

Graphic design studio is one of the most influential parts of the Binahayateam Advertising Agency, which with the help of art directors, professional and creative graphic designers always strives to keep pace with the world science and existing brands, as well as by cooperating and interacting with All other parts of the agency have a forward-looking approach.

برای سفارش خدمات دیجیتال مارکتینگ در شیراز، همین حالا با کارشناسان ما در بی نهایت تماس بگیرید و یا از طریق فرم زیر با ما در ارتباط باشید.