Be different with Stop Motion

Have you ever thought about promoting your products in a different and special way?

Those ads that are engraved in the mind of your audience will cause at the time of purchase; Be a priority for customers and surpass your competitors in selling the products. Stop Motion is one of the solutions that make your products and brand special and memorable. Join us to get acquainted with this advertising method and its techniques…

استاپ موشن در شیراز


What is stop motion?

Stop motion is one of the animation methods. In this method, instead of moving paintings or computer drawings, they move objects.

To produce a stop motion, an image of the object is taken and then it is moved slightly and photographed again. Finally, putting these images together creates the illusion of movement and being alive, which is very attractive and pleasant, and it has a lot of fans these days.

Types of stop motion

There are different types of stop motion that differ in the used objects.

  • Puppet Animation

Use dolls with moving joints

  • Clay Animation

Using moldable materials such as paste, clay in making dolls

  • Cutout Animation

Using backgrounds cut from pieces of paper or cloth

  • Object Animation

Use real accessories instead of fake Pixilation models and dolls


Stop motion production services in Shiraz

The use of video marketing is one of the activities of the Binahaya adverting Agency and is carried out by a creative and energetic team. Other parts of our collection, such as the graphics team, the content team and the photography team, are also in constant collaboration with the video marketing department.

This type of marketing uses visual attractions and creative videos to subconsciously draw the audience`s attention to your brand and increase sales.

Stop motion is a simple way to convey emotions to people.

Before you decide to start an expand advertising, thinking about making a teaser for introducing the motion graphic bring you much closer to your goal much faster.

Our goal is to help you attract more audience in a shorter time by creating creative and beautiful stop-motion.

برای سفارش خدمات دیجیتال مارکتینگ در شیراز، همین حالا با کارشناسان ما در بی نهایت تماس بگیرید و یا از طریق فرم زیر با ما در ارتباط باشید.


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