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If you are one of those people who think that e-commerce is about setting up a website or online store, we do not have good news for you. Creating a website or online store alone is like building a luxury hotel in an uninhabited desert. Now if a busy road ends at your hotel; You will definitely get a good profit from your hotel which has the same function as SEO. SEO means optimizing the site for search engines, or in other words, your site is on the first page of Google.


We can say that 80% of people who have entered the world of Internet business or intend to enter the world of Internet businesses do not have much information about SEO, and this is one of the main reasons for the failure of these people to start an internet business. It is often believed that SEO ends with the initial design and launch of the site, while site design is just one corner of the infinitely vast and of course very precise world of SEO. SEO is the key of opening the gates of your site.

Join us to explore the infinite world of SEO…

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and its exact meaning is to perform a set of activities and functions according to the algorithm and standards of popular search engines such as Google in order to improve the site’s position and attract more visitors and viewers.

But SEO is not just about search engines, now SEO has become a newer concept of Search Experience Optimization, which means optimizing the user experience of searching in search engines. According to this concept, great importance should be attached to satisfying searchers with the result of the search. Or, in other word, it should provide a good content platform for visitors.

Failure to comply with SEO factors means changing the site to a junk in search engine. 

Why is SEO important?

To get to this question, we need to look at search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on. Users go to search engines to find answers to their questions or even to get the product they need and search for the closest answer. Search engines show the best to the user according to their own standards and algorithms. Among the search engine factors such as Google to show your site to searchers are: the number of clicks on the Google search page, the length of time the user is on the site, the word with which the site is displayed on the Google page and the appropriate content for you base on the searched word and so on. That’s why the position of your site in Google pages is the most important point for the growth of your business. To reach the best position in Google, all the steps of your SEO site should be done by an expert and experienced group, and of course, completely familiar with the latest SEO methods. A group that has reached an infinite rank in the world of SEO.

SEO is the main requirement for having a strong business

مراحل اصلی سئو سایت در شیراز

What are the main steps of SEO?

The 3 main steps of SEO include on page seo, off page seo and technical, each of them must be professionally implemented and compiled.

Step One: Technical

All steps are included of coding and appearance design of the site in accordance with the existing standards to optimize the speed of the site, preparing a responsive version of the site. Here are some steps that technical SEO expert can take to begin the process of preparation:

  1. Responsive page design
  2. Utilize HTTPS
  3. Sitemap
  4. Standard coding
  5. Speed ​​up page loading
  6. Collaborate with Google`s site Crawler

Step 2: On page SEO

Analyzing competing sites, identifying and using useful and valuable keywords, developing and implementing a content plan, producing unique and special content, and so on are called on page SEO. This stage is also called content marketing. The most important components are on page SEO step:

  1. Page title
  2. Title
  3. Content
  4. Page address

It is the responsibility of the on page SEO expert to follow the tips related to the above.

Step 3: Off page SEO

All the necessary activities in social networks, public and specialized forums, commenting, backlinks and so on are called off page SEO. Targeted link building is another name for this step of SEO. This step is the most specialized step of SEO. A stage where we have a lot to say.

Factors that an off page SEO expert should be able to handle well:

  1. suitable Anchor text for link
  2. Link building to the related pages
  3. Get links from sites trusted by Google

Technical SEO and good content production alone will not necessarily get you to the top pages of Google. In competitive issues, to achieve Google’s first platform, you must follow targeted link building..  

What to do for SEO of site?

Our first and last suggestion for people who are planning to start a website to start their business or are looking to set up a website for their company, is to refer to SEO experts. Because 90% of the time, launching a site without the help and benefit of the expertise of SEO experts, regardless of the possibility of destroying your site, will cause your site to never reach its true position, which means spending a lot of time and money without receiving useful returns.

By receiving our SEO services, you can easily become the main competitor of all your business competitors.

Being up to date and using the latest methods in the field of SEO is one of the honors that we have strongly relied on.

Time and money are two categories that every person has a strange obsession with starting their own business. We are proud to do the best and most reliable SEO for your site at the lowest cost and in the fastest possible time.

Getting to the first page of Google, gaining the trust of users and customers of your business, being constantly updated in the SEO scene, solving all possible problems of the site and so on are among the services that we consider to be our main task.

Binahayat team, in addition to having a rich history in the field of SEO, is ready to provide SEO optimization services to your business by employing SEO experts in various fields of SEO.

For Binahayateam any great goal is as if a small task

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